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Space is not a science project. It is an economic domain and key to building a better future.


Educate Congress on the opportunity and immediacy of a visionary, aggressive and robust commercial space economy and the secular growth it can bring to the Nation.

·        Line of Effort 1. Published research on the economic growth possibilities and their secondary impacts across the entire economy (no 'spinoff'' or "do it for the science" language allowed)

·        Line of Effort 2. Published surveys of peer reviewed research showing that none of this is technologically impossible and that the commercial sector, through incentive programs that prevent rent-seeking, can move faster and create more value than Government programs

·        Line of Effort 3. Enable and encourage all donors to regularly and directly inform their representatives of their demand for the expansion of American society into space permanently and with vigor. 


Priority 2. Reduce regulatory burdens for companies seeking to raise capital whether through initial-public offerings, crowdfunding, or debt financing.

·        Line of Effort 1. Amend the definition of accredited investor and revise certain provisions of Reg D to include a carve out for space-related investments

·        Line of Effort 2. Promote private investment and secondary market trading through the creation of a space-focused commodities exchange

·        Line of Effort 3. Create a SEC waiver for space-focused investment that accounts for the high cost of entry for space companies

Set up bond and space commodity exchange
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